Friday, November 28, 2014

Review Huot Drill Bit Index for Jobber, ideal replacement for that broken plastic case

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the Huot Drill Bit Index for Jobber Length Sizes 1/16quot to 1/2quot in 1/64quot, so i have to tell.

Huot Drill Bit Index for Jobber Length

The Huot Drill Bit Index holds up to 29 jobber length drill bits in fractional sizes 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" increments and is made in USA. The labeled storage holes provide quick identification and organization. The index is made of steel with an epoxy finish and has a snap-lock cover for durability and protection. Drill bits are not included. The index is 7 xD7 4 xD7 1.75 inches .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

YES I bought the INDEX since coundn't find one in a half-dozen or Retail Home Improvement STORES CRAZY .. by Pete K. Hentges

Even some of the premium tool manufactures use plastic in their home bit. Owning more sets most were broken or difficult to remove / reinsert cases. by Randy Gruener


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